George the Curious Dog Is Ready to Go on an Adventure!

August 23, 2023


Are you an adventurous person in the tri-state area who is looking for a constant companion? Our friend George may be the curious pup you’re looking for!

George is a playful, spunky boy who can’t wait to see all the marvels of the world with his new adopter. He is a very affectionate guy and loves when all eyes are on him—he shines when he can be the center of attention! You’ll quickly realize that George is a social butterfly and loves meeting new people. Once he settles into your home, he’ll be rolling on his back and asking for belly rubs in no time!


George is a strong boy and will need an adopter who can work with him on his leash-walking skills. He is a wonderful dog to train though, because he is a quick learner, attentive and he’ll do anything for cheese! He’ll always accept cheese as his reward for being a good boy. With some time and practice, he’ll blossom into his best dog self!

George’s new home needs to be one without cats, and he would do best with kids eight and up. If there are any resident dogs, George will need to meet them one-on-one first. Our team would love to help you make introductions and set him up for success in your home!

If you’re curious about George, and you live in the tri-state area, please visit his profile to complete an application!